Horses – how animals might feel

You know I like cats and dogs, birds – and HORSES! I like to make my empathy more sensible, so I could feel maybe like they feel…
waiting for warm socks
I took this photo in my neighbourhood – oh I wouldn’t like to stand side by side with my neighbor – and he has a warm coat and me – not! I nearly could not imagine how the horses would feel, as I discovered a picture in the Guardian: – the observer – gallery: “In Surabaya, Indonesia, horses are hoisted into the air by a crane as they are being transferred from a cargo ship onto a truck…” [ / the observer / gallery]

Horse with no name

“Horse with no name” was performed by the group “America”, a hit in 1971
more about JukeBox contents in 1971:
ā€œIn riding a horse,
we borrow freedom.ā€
-Helen Thompson.
I’ve been on horse-backs only a few times,
in the woods and on the fields of my neighborhood –
but it was like flying!

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