“It is not necessary to leave your room. Remain seated at your table and listen. Not even listen, wait. Even do not wait, behave quietly. The world will be an open offering, no chance will remain to her: She will ecstatically roll at your feet…” – once Kafka wrote (I tried to translate). So what you need is a desk – and the capability to stay.
writer's home, right
photo by frizztext, click on the picture to enter my galleries on

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10 responses to “Desks

  1. Oh that special feeling of BEING IN CONTROL that only having a desk gives you…aaaah i miss it…I have a desk at school, in the principal’s office but it’s always overflowing with my students’ creativity projects or by stacks of essays and drafts… it is not my control tower…it’s more of my catch-all…and at home, both my children have desks, i just wander around carrying my laptop looking for a comfy place with good lighting and silence…the staying part is no problem once I find the right place… there’s this site titled FROM THE DESK OF… …where they give you a glimpse of creative people’s desks…ooooh love it… although they have the same effect, not all desks are created and accesorized the same… 🙂 saludos, Alexandra


  2. YOur room looks ideal for writing, calm and cosy.


  3. blackrhodesbedroom

    I love the room, it is beautiful. Wish mine would look like this…


  4. Amy

    I agree with Lucid, ideal, calm and cosy! Your photo reminded me that I need to clean my room and my desk.


  5. Who’s the girl sitting inside the blue Beetle?


  6. Quiet and silent make us focus best ….


  7. My desk is not near as clean as yours, but it is functional. I have a small, portable computer desk that fits nicely with my soft, comfy reclining chair.

    I like your old typewriter.


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