human interest

I like to introduce photographers from the picture pool. Now Tony Murtagh from Oxford asked me, how I would describe my own photographical aims. Difficult to say, maybe the priority is human interest:
1INGA, steady rollin' rhythm jazz guitar2skateboard girl
3U = UMBRELLA (a Goddess, provoking a man to hesitate)4old colleague
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P.S.: Because English is not my first language, I cannot write much words elaborating a manifest of photography: I just have to express myself beside all language barriers via pictures only. Maybe they talk for me. And that’s why for me (obsessed by philosophy) photography is so important: as a bridge leading outside, escaping my own country, discovering other “cultural boxes” …
5NY, Harlem Fire Hydrant6flamenco, ivory + ebony
7LEICA8gypsy guitarist, Django Reinhardt Festival

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10 responses to “human interest

  1. Caddo

    Great work always, Frizz!


  2. Ah Frizztext,
    Another chance to make your day.
    I’m moving from one resort in Cape Cod to another this AM so need to use the marvelous wifi before I’m searching once again for air waves.
    Please see my photo and poem for today. Some day I’ll be playing my classical guitar like your photo subjects.
    Jeanne Poland


    • hi Jeanne,
      I hope you’ll find enough air waves for your wifi connection after moving to another location! if not, use paper notebooks meanwhile for your poems!


      • Well, well frizztext!
        You sent me 4 likes and 2 comments…sparkling all over the sky in the new location .Found my new wifi but had to pay for it. Small cost for a satellite connection to Germany and your network.Don’t need the biddy notebook; usually dictate to Notes on my iPhone. The notifications in the new Operating System, Maverick, show up on my iPhone and Mac Book Pro. Yum yum! Apple bytes!
        Jeanne Poland


  3. Your fine photos speak the language of humanity Frizz, thank you.


    • hi Patti (moved from London to New York), I just read your
      What happens at Sotheby’s or at Christie’s (Francis Bacon’s Triptych for $142.4 Million) – it’s strange, isn’t it, Patti? And graffitis are forbidden nearly everywhere – you might be the last out there in the not completely controlled suburbs with your camera, doing an important job! P.S.: I was surprised by your finding “HYDRA HEAD” = stuff for an urban anthropology!


  4. the photos were absolutely a story …love the rainbow steps…brightening the area!…do you think it makes climbing them easier?


  5. I agree Frizz ‘human interest’ covers it all for me!


  6. I would say you have succeeded where the most verbose would have faltered…


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