make your tagxedo

I made some experiments via – maybe you are interested to try the same – loading via the creator (1) your own website URL, then choosing your own (2) shape / silhouette – (3) colors – (4) fonts etc. – enjoy!
above: to create design-1 I loaded my webpage – works automatically then …
below: to create design-2 I’ve written my own words into a box:
I was inspired by Laura Bloomsbury to try a tagxedo: – if you have an own tagxedo, please send your link – so we could compare our results!
Laura (read comments below) gave a link to wordle too, I’ve made a test there:
Wordle: frizztext
[not my favorite]
my third experiment with tagxedo now using the URL of my archives / blog content:
my wordpress archives

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writer, photographer, guitarist

42 responses to “make your tagxedo

  1. I love this kind of stuff – will post the result of my playing around later!


  2. I did a heart shaped one a few months ago but couldn’t get it on my sidebar!


  3. I heard about this last year, I think, but was afraid to try it, Frizz–is it safe for an “OLD” computer?? I don’t want mine to explode–then I’d never get my alphabet assignments to you….


  4. Laura Bloomsbury

    I’ll be having a go later but meanwhile there is also wordle to play with!


  5. Beautiful dear Frizz, I loved them both. I tried but it doesn’t work in my PC why I don’t know, I can’t create… Thanks and Love, nia


  6. I played with it…You’ll see it later 😉


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  9. How did you know i’ve been trying to make an archive (unsuccessfully)? Thank you Frizztext I will try this way and hope for the best.


  10. I have to use a big screen for most things that require lots of attention to detail – here is one of my results for tagged. Interesting that it changes the tags according to which font you use – I wonder if the tags it picks could be said to accurately reflect the nature of the blogger as well?
    How did you embed the photo in your reply to iceman – all I can seem to do is give you this link:


  11. Thank you for this! I’ve been playing around with it.


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  13. Hey Frizz–I DID IT! Want to see my first try?

    Thanks for your encouragement, I found a good tutorial at!


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  17. Interesting! I might have to give it a try.


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