The Tree Metaphor

When I’m thinking or talking, writing for my own or publishing: Then I’m always feeling like expanding, growing like a tree. The structures reaching to the sky, created by a tree – so are thoughts floating into the great white open of a new.
photo by “dear caffeine”, click on the picture [sent to my group BLOG IT] to enter the galleries of the photographer!


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writer, photographer, guitarist

14 responses to “The Tree Metaphor

  1. Amy

    Growing like a tree is a wonderful feeling! Keep publishing, communicating, sharing…


  2. And in ancient sacred thought before religion got in the way, it was a tree that stood at the heart of the world. I love your tree thoughts and tree creations, Frizz.


  3. “Thoughts floating into the great white open of a new”–very poetic, Frizz, lovely!


  4. I love the photo but I really must need my eyes testing, Frizz. At first I thought that auburn hair was tree roots. Guess I’ve been on here too long tonight! 🙂


  5. wonderful picture and you become a new warhol 🙂


  6. Beautiful trees, Frizz!!! 🙂


  7. . . . and the growth spreads far and wide, as you reach out to us so we reach to others.


  8. Rosa

    interesting mataphor. never thought of it in this way before


  9. Laura Bloomsbury

    amazing as an arborophile! p.s. the tagxedos would make great greetings cards


  10. Keep expanding and sharing, Frizz!


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