Backyard Cats

I like to wander through Berlin, trying to collect a realistic perception of human endeavor. Sometimes I think: What, if I would have come into the world as a cat?
The Berlin photographer “Dirk” has given via his gallery “Backyard Cats” an insight into the living conditions and feeling horizons of indoor and outdoor cats:
Palais d’Hiver

title=”Palais d’Hiver” – photo by “.Dirk”, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on
Palais d’Hiver = Зимний дворец = winter palace
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11 responses to “Backyard Cats

  1. The cat does look so at home in this winter palace!


    • I’m glad, that a woman built this hut for the poor Berlin outdoor cat. And I read that another person later promoted the tough cat to a higher comfort level: she became an indoor cat. Asylum!
      related to your article
      we do not have enough persons like the German protester Martin Luther or the American Dr. Martin Luther King. Or Nelson Mandela. Or Edward Snowden (?) – typical reaction, if we have a genius person: a large part of the crowd (and of the administrations) are against it …


  2. love the photo.. and i would like to say thanks to the special someone who built the awesome winter palace that could provide warmth to the adorable cat..


  3. If you’d come as a cat, what number life would you be on, Frizz? Just curious (like a cat).


  4. so lovely…. amazing photograph. Thanks and Love, nia


  5. Wonderful!! I Adore cats!! ^_^ They have always been my good friends throughout my life!! 🙂


  6. The eyes tell all…a rough life for sure…
    My baby “jill” …which I got from a shelter…says, “I like my new life…with my favorite food…bed to sleep on…warm when it’s cold…cool when its hot…and the love that I feel is unsurpassed!”…


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