How to create archives

To create a content-website for your wordpress blog automatically, you only need to fill in the word archives in the text editor of a new page and put it into [ ]!
my wordpress archives
the graphic was designed with the online creator of “tagxedo” at
1 –
2 –
3 –

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16 responses to “How to create archives

  1. That’s a great idea


  2. It would certainly make them more accessible to readers.


  3. i love your image you made. tagxedo – a great blog tool. 🙂


  4. Hi. Would this work for someone who wants to create separate pages for their categories?


  5. Justin Burnell

    Amazing post to create some archives


  6. That’s really helpful, thanks!


  7. Allan G. Smorra

    Good post, Frizz. I discovered Tagxedo two weeks ago and have had a lot of fun experimenting with it. I like the results you came up with for your Archive badge.


  8. Hi Frizz! I don’t fully understand this yet–but yesterday I did my first experiment with tagxedo. Am I correct that you have to download their free software in order to make a word cloud–or did I just install it for nothing? I’m such a tech dweeb, and can always use more help from you brilliant bloggers! If you have time, could you expound more on this post about Archive badges? Have a great day–God bless you BIG! Bennetta


    • dear Bennetta,
      I think it’s an online creator, so you do not need to download anything (only save your result at the finish of the experiment); start with SHAPE, then upload URL or some words of your choice in the box – a poem for example; change colors and fonts; if you like I’ll take one of your shorter poems to demonstrate a result …


      • Oh! Could you do that for me? It seems I had to download the Silver “something” program which supports the tagxedo deal–but I could be wrong…. I tried putting a short poem in the box (creator), but couldn’t seem to get it in a shape–and I thought I saved it, but if so, I don’t know where it saved to. So I got frustrated and quit. I’m not exactly a quick learner of these things–but I’d so like to succeed in doing a short poem cloud that I could actually post on my blog. Thank you for any assistance you can give me–you’re a Prince!! Truly!


        • at last you made it,
          your result:
          Thunder Angels


          • Some of my readers are giving helpful feedback that this may not be the best venue for poetry–too confusing for them–so I may have to include links to previously posted poems, for clarity. Or do some more fine tuning with the tagxedo creator–maybe limit the number of words, or do shorter poems. Anyway, I’m so pleased and grateful for your encouragement always. To me, that’s what the blogs are about–helping to broaden one another’s horizons, offer opportunities to learn new things. You’re the BEST!


  9. wolfgangfoto

    interesting work by creative artificial intelligence
    have a pleasant time with people you love


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