Maybe The Last Time

Now in the “Passion Week” some of us get more serious. For example DEATH is always inspiring me (also said by Scott Berkun): I realize, “this day could be the last time…” – 1965 I heard this song by the Rolling Stones for the first time (and related the message to my new girl friend, just fallen in love); years later I discovered the version of the Staple Singers from the fifties, on vinyl: their performance inspired the young British Rock Band…; the older I was the more I realized: that could be the last time. During Easter holidays one of my daughter is visiting us with husband, two grandsons – and a growing granddaughter in her belly. Even if that would be the last time for me, I know, life is going on somehow – in the souls of our next generations…
fleamarket clocks
title=”fleamarket clocks” – photo by Frizztext, click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr

This may be the last time – The Staple Singers

The Last Time – The Rolling Stones, London, 50th anniversary concert

Missisippi John Hurt on the same topic:
Do you remember me = Way beyond blue

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11 responses to “Maybe The Last Time

  1. Live every day as if it were your last; learn every day as if it were your first. I think Einstein said that,


  2. museconfuse

    Initially, I tried to live my life to the fullest, and then I failed..often and then got really upset with myself. Now I try to find joy in each day, in the little things and if I do one embarrassing thing a day, i think I’ve done pretty good for my life. 🙂 As for the next generation.. I guess I need to get cracking on that..


  3. The Staple Singers are among my favorites. I’ll come back when my neighbors are up and have a listen.

    I love the clock photo.


  4. I always loved this song too.


  5. Wonderful post. We have a tradition in our house. Whenever someone is backing out the drive or walking away down the street, we take a few seconds to walk to the front window and send them off with a wave and a blown kiss. I don’t consciously think “This could be our last goodbye,” (or at least not so much any more) but if anything were to happen, our last communication would definitely be an expression of love.


  6. A bit sombre, I’m sure you’ll get to meet your next grandchild! and Mr Jagger is playing Glastonbury this summer so he’d better make it.


  7. Great clocks and love the videos. The pictures in the Hurt video are the best. And Mick!! How does he stand on those spindly legs? I’m jealous! 😉 Enjoy your time, frizz. Every day.


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