Comparing music styles – examples of NayJ

Blues is desperate and sad, Gospel is naive and cheerful, Country music likes posing as a strong hero, Soul takes the most direct route to the heart, Jazz is something for intellectuals, Rock is brutal and aggressive?

Since I started to explore music as a lead singer in a gospel choir in the sixties (aged 14) till today, aged 70, I’m flattered getting nearer to the mystery of soul and gospel, blues and jazz. I cannot leave this stuff.

Compare some examples of the singer NayJ, I discovered her last week and she even sang a song to my guitar…
1 NayJ. with me (guitar), Luzz (piano, bass) and Oorlab (violin, background vocals)

2 NayJ. with Alex Arcady

3 NayJ. with Paploviante

4 NayJ pop Karaoke

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