Maybe The Last Time

Now in the “Passion Week” some of us get more serious. For example DEATH is always inspiring me (also said by Scott Berkun): I realize, “this day could be the last time…” – 1965 I heard this song by the Rolling Stones for the first time (and related the message to my new girl friend, just fallen in love); years later I discovered the version of the Staple Singers from the fifties, on vinyl: their performance inspired the young British Rock Band…; the older I was the more I realized: that could be the last time. During Easter holidays one of my daughter is visiting us with husband, two grandsons – and a growing granddaughter in her belly. Even if that would be the last time for me, I know, life is going on somehow – in the souls of our next generations…
fleamarket clocks
title=”fleamarket clocks” – photo by Frizztext, click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr

This may be the last time – The Staple Singers

The Last Time – The Rolling Stones, London, 50th anniversary concert

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