Semana Santa

No, not KKK – it’s “Semana Santa” again, especially on the Good Friday during the Passion Week you can see something like this in the streets of cities, which are dominated by the rituals of the Catholic church.
Banda de trompetas y cornetas
title=”Banda de trompetas y cornetas” – photo by “Miguelángelphoto”, click on the picture to enter the flickr galleries of Miguelángel = Miguel A. Adam
V - p365jvr - 24 de marzo de 2013. 83/365 [Explored]
title=”V” – p365jvr – 24 de marzo de 2013. 83/365 [Explored] by Javier Vegas (Alias El Vegas), click on the picture to enter his flickr galleries
Misteri 2013 Trapani  "Il trasporto al sepolcro"
title=”Misteri 2013 Trapani “Il trasporto al sepolcro”” by Schano = Luciano B., click on the picture to enter his flickr galleries
Procesión del Santo Entierro / Prozession des Heiligen Begräbnisses
title=”Procesión del Santo Entierro” / Prozession des Heiligen Begräbnisses – photo by Sigrid von der Twer, click on the picture to enter her flickr galleries
The Passion, Paris
title=”The Passion, Paris” – picture by Marji Lang … – click on the photo to enter the flickr galleries of Marji Lang
searching for an interpretation of Marji Lang’s photo featuring a female Jesus I remembered John Lennon’s “Woman is the nigger of the world”:

comment by “granbee”: These violet and magenta robes and pointed hats and masks in this Good Friday reenactment parade remind me of the costumes of the Ku Klux Klan!
frizz-reply: “every orthodoxy can be dangerous; in Germany actually there is a give away of 800.000 Koran books for free; strange organization (Salafists) in the background …”

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18 responses to “Semana Santa

  1. It’s a shame the KKK perverted these outfits. I always found them intriguing.


  2. That is amazing. I think the reenactment is a great way to honor Christ.


  3. In Indonesia, Semana Santa tradition is only found in Flores Island..particularly Larantuka city.
    Indonesian call Good Friday as Jumat Agung.


  4. Very interesting . I never saw or knew about these ceremonies.


  5. hi frizz, here in the philippines we also call it the ‘semana santa’.. i didn’t know that the term is widely used..


  6. The colors of the robes are quite striking.


  7. museconfuse

    I’ve never heard of this. Very interesting, I’ll have to google this one. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  8. They always spook me a little, these hooded guys. That’s a powerful image of the lady carrying the cross.


  9. Interesting ceremonies… Thanks and Have a nice weekend, love, nia


  10. Amy

    Very interesting… Thank you for sharing, Frizz!


  11. Now that is different I must say. Not sure if the first two pictures or the last one of the busty scantily dressed lady on the cross is the strangest! Great pictures!!! Thanks also for including the link to my Semana Santa post! 🙂 nicole


  12. Interesting costumes – quite colorful and elaborate.


  13. Interesting. I never knew this group existed.


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