Story Challenge: Letter “P”

Hi Bloggers! Do you have to share a story or a short reflection tagged with the letter “P”? For example I’ve written about a pavilion in Poland (as below) or about parachutes, about paradise and Panama, paper blanks and police power, polaroid photographers and penguin parents, Paris and paparazzi, Pittsburgh and penthouses, Putin and Polanski, priests and paypal, Prague and Padova, psychology and philosophy, Porsche and Pontiac, podlatch phenomenon or passion week, peace and pain etc. – I’m sure you’ll find an own story or a short reflection tagged with “P”! Feel free to add in the comments the link to your personal interpretation of the letter “P”!!!


See you when you get there 2
title: “See you when you get there 2” – photo by movski = Michał Orłowski, Stargard, Poland
My mother lived in her childhood near a pavilion built in the Baltic Sea. I’ve never been there. But analyzing my roots I built a pavilion too. Not near a coastal line. Only in an urban city district near Cologne. But nevertheless it helps me to feel like having some roots …
I found out, that my mother as a child went to school in Stargard / Poland [she left me in an orphanage directly after giving birth to me 1945; it took me 40 years to find her on the East German island Ruegen]. I am living now in Germany near Cologne, I’ve never been in Poland, but now I would like to search for my roots near the Baltic Sea coastline; you know the salmon goes back to his roots too, coming from the ocean, going back to the river where he was born; turtles do the same, and swallows – isn’t it a great mystery? My mother lived in Cybowo – I found that via google earth; I have to thank movski, who sent his pavilion photo to some of my flickr-groups; this pavilion is in the neighborhood of Cybowo I suppose. My mother left Poland 1945 during that bad World War II.

contributions by my readers:

thanks for the contributions of my readers! Below the comments and links to their interpretations: they had their focus on PARKINSON and PERFECT ORCHID, PREMIUM POOPS and Mr. PACKARD, PAPILLON and PARKING, PIAZZA SAN MARCO and PEOPLE, “Pied Oystercatchers” and PEACE, PAINTINGS and PERSPECTIVES, POTATOES and PELICANS, PUDDLE JUMPERS and PEACH OF A PUMPKIN, PURPLE, PATTI [under construction] etc.


“P” Photo Archive + “O” Challenge + “P” Galleries + ABC visualized: P! + Pavilion Blues +

changed webdesign:

after some failures i at last managed to import new fonts into my blog; I realized that I had to pay 30$ for “custom design” of wordpress, to organize support by typekit fonts (difficult for me the payment process too – but now I’m happy: it works!) I always wished to have a blog design which is near to my own roots: using old typewriters in the sixties, when we all had no internet … – thanks for inspiring and technichal support to Patti Kuche, New York; used font type for the body: “Anonymous Pro” (similar to the well known “Courier New”, which I used on my first PC, a “C 64”)

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77 responses to “Story Challenge: Letter “P”

  1. P is for Parkinson’s Disease. My life has forever changed since caring for my brother who has this terminal illness. This is one way that God has brought me closer to him. I have only to lean on for comfort and guidance. I had been newly divorced five years ago, and then my father passed away from bone cancer. A week later, my brother had a heart attack, and two years ago got PD. God was saying to me, this is your talent in life, to care for others. There are no free rides. Now go, into the world and bring comfort…………


  2. Wonderful Pavilion photo. Great “P” story. I will be posting my a little later. Not feeling great today and this evening. I will post maybe tomorrow. Thank you for sharing 🙂


  3. You are so right;; like the olive ridleys, perhaps you made a gps imprint on your birth day and are being nudged back to that spot. i remember once i flew from washington DC to houston texas and slept most of the way. i awakened and looked out my window just in time to see the mississippi river.. i squinted and wondered what stretch i was seeing… then i spotted a bit more landscape west of the river.. and .. wow.. there’s the farm! there’s the black river! there’s the cotton gin and the grain elevator and —- was it coincidence that i awakened at that precise moment or was my internal gps working overtime?

    i hope that you find your answers and are reunited with your roots.



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  7. Enjoyed your story. I’m linking to my Mr. Packard series, which is on my blog (a series of over 20 little articles/stories) The link is to the first story


    • “…At age sixty-six, he had finally gotten past that barrier…” – just like me! On Nov. 1st I’ll be aged 67 – I think there will be no changes anymore until death …


  8. Beautiful place to have a pavilion.

    Here is my entry – papillon:


    • Papillon = French for butterfly – thanks, I’m going to be multilingual! “Schmetterling” we say in German – and my cat has no name for that birdy insect – but she likes to catch and destroy God’s artwork with no respect; the same fate she offers to any dragon-fly / Libellen, if such helicopter comes into paws’ reach of my high jumping cat garden beast!


      • Thank you for the German lesson!
        I like dragonflies. In Japanese, dragonfly is called “tonbo”
        Some information I found:
        “In Japanese culture, dragonflies are considered as a symbol of strength, happiness and courage. They are often mentioned in Japanese literature and art, especially haiku…..In Japanese paintings, dragonflies represent new light and joy. Dragonflies help you see through your illusions and allow your own light to shine in a new vision. They remind us to pay attention to our deeper thoughts and desires…..A dragonfly lives a very short life and it tries to live to the fullest with what it has.”


        • thank you Fergie for your dragonfly excurs – I have to apologize for my cat, that she has no respect for those wonderful pre-helicopter souls! P.S.: I think, they had no trouble with the Fukushima power plant disaster! (But cats, dogs, human beings…)


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  10. Enjoyed your post and your music. Here is my entry for this week.



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    • hi Deepali, thank you for your story about the “Piazza San Marco” in Venice – once, when I was there, I was shocked by a seagull: she killed a pigeon – during tourists were feeding the other pigeons; seagulls can be very cruel; I don’t know why I can’t accept this. Maybe in one of my earlier lifes I have been a pigeon? Maybe I should try to live as a seagull next turn?


  13. Hi Frizz, this photograph of the Pavilion is so relaxing – I can hear the sound of the soothing waves from here. Really beautiful. Here’s our contribution in GatheringBooks for this week’s challenge:


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    • so the Pied Oystercatchers have not an easy way without any sorrows:
      “Even if dogs were kept away there are always foxes and feral cats to steal the chicks…”
      Sometimes I feel like one of the Pied Oystercatchers …


  15. A wonderful story frizz, I hope you visit that place and feel the earth through your feet as your mother might have done …. here is mine


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  17. Hi Frizz,

    my first entry in your great challenge. Hope all is alright. Thank you very much!


  18. The “O” post was sluggish getting out of the gate, and “P” is chomping at the bit! It’s set to formally head out in about eight hours. I’ll be on the road most of the day, so we’ll see if it fires off on schedule!



  19. To know ones history or roots is a good way create ones future – so one step back can be 2 steps forward – sure that you found out – I don’t say that we have to live in the past but knowing it (if we can) help us living in the present – great post… 🙂

    In my childhood we have a pavilion in the big garden – it was my “kingdom”…’hahaha’


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  25. The past and present are such tangled webs where root systems are concerned. How lovely to book end the mystery and knowledge of yours with an open hearted pavilion.


    • thank you, Patti, for your reply to my changed web design:
      “…Good to know your upgrade is now in action and that we are able to combine nostalgia with the latest technology, all in the attempt to keep it simple! Even if it does mean paying for less!”


  26. I wrote this post on one of my favorite topics—my continuous ongoing journey to conquer a common human problem. This is truly a cure—at least it works for me. Hope it helps others!


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  28. Touching and moving write about episodes in your life. I love the way you correlated the salmon returning home to your search and final destination. Our lives will have voids that we sometimes don’t know how to fill. You have done well in filling some of them with the things you have written about here.
    Beautifully emotive …..
    p.s. I think the new blog is wonderful. It is bright and has very readable fonts and font size. The one column makes it easier to catch up on missed posts.
    Well done …..


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  33. Lovely Pavilion picture and touching story. Trying to catch’s my late P entry.


  34. HI Frizz, this is a very moving story. I lost my father when i was eight, and we lost most of our ties to his culture and family. I tried to hang onto them. One thing that really helped me feel my roots was having children. We can go back to our old roots, but we can also put down strong roots that our children will come back to.


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  36. Thank you for sharing your moving story Frizz..
    Here is my rather belated entry:


  37. I love your story and that you are seeking your roots … character to be admired. May you find what you are seeking, and you will, all at just the right time. You can be, do and have whatever you dare to dream!


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