me, singing a blues

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you’re dissatisfied, little baby … – photo by Barbara f. – click on the picture to enter frizztext’s galleries …
I like nostalgic retro mood, searching for the roots of blues guitar; not easy for me, far away from the USA in old Europe: strange language (I hope you can understand my frizzEnglish) – and also a challenge, to understand new information systems: tabs for fingerstyle guitar, wordpress blogger html, WavePad Audio Editing Software etc. – but there is a positive effect for my emotions too: trying to slow down time; leaving modern hectic, dreaming back 100 years: like living in the Mississippi delta without any electricity …
me, singing the dissatisfied blues:


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writer, photographer, guitarist

10 responses to “me, singing a blues

  1. Very satisfying dissatisfied blues!!!


  2. Very nice! I love the blues and you certainly do it justice. 🙂


  3. rayaadawiah

    Hi Mr. Friz…
    i like your song 🙂
    melodic and nice to hear it 😀

    good job *thumbs*


  4. My ears are very satisfied with your blues 🙂


  5. I like it a lot.


  6. Ditto the Stralsund blues. Same wonderful progression.


  7. Looks, and sounds, like you have found a nice balance between the old and new!


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