Story Challenge: Letter “H”

Hi Bloggers! Do you have to share a story or a short reflection tagged with the letter “H”? For example I’ve written about HONG KONG (watch below) or about HONEYMOONERS, about HORSEs, HIPPIEs and HYDRANTs, about HANGING, HAND BAGS and HATS, about HA LONG BAY, HANDS or HIPPOs, HOLIDAYS or HAIRDRESSERs, “HIGH FIVE” or HOBBIES, HERRINGS or HOUSEBOATS, HOT PANTS or HANG GLIDERS, HAITI or HOLLAND etc. – I’m sure you’ll find an own story or a short reflection tagged with “H”! Feel free to add in the comments the link to your personal interpretation of the letter “H”!!!

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is maybe a view into mankind’s future; there will be not enough space for every one to have an own house with lake and forest …


  • Do you prefer to live in the density of big cities in a small apartement (and many people walking by on the sidewalk near your skyscraper)
  • – or would you prefer to live in the countryside, on a farm, meeting some cool animals daily?

Hong Kong
photo via by Manuel Romaris sent to my flickr group BLOG IT! – click on the photo to enter his collection… Manuel Romarís is a Spanish freelance photographer based in Brussels, and the European delegate of the Asociación de Periodistas Gráficos Europeos,

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music tagged with “H”?
me, trying to remember HONEY PIE (by the Beatles) – fingerstyle instrumental on my acoustic guitar:

video tagged “H”:
the hat changing performance by my friend Prof. Luigi Frappi:

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72 responses to “Story Challenge: Letter “H”

  1. What a unique and stunning shot of Hong Kong! I would miss one when I am in the other. Probably my Cancer/Leo cusp trait!
    Here is my rather belated entry Frizz:
    Oh, and I loved the music, thank you :-)


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  5. Here you Go Frizz :-)

    A – Z Story Challenge: H is for Hi Fi, Headphones & 1st Date


  6. Love this image…
    reminds me in a way of the building shot after the apology scene in The Bourne Supremacy….


  7. I nominated you for an award. Come by and pick it up whenever you like… :)


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  9. H! I thought of this when I did the G! Challenge last week. :)


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  11. I’ve always lived in big cities, and always dreamed of living in the countryside. The grass is always greener….. in the countryside.
    Here’s my H challenge entry, a poem for Henry Miller, which I recently posted, but don’t know how to link here, but if you highlight and click you get to it.:


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  13. Great photo, and I would like to visit Hong Kong some day. I like living where it is less crowded.

    Here is an example of “Happiness Is…” where I live:


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  16. Frizz text I used the letter H this week to ponder handmade and the familiar food that is special when it’s made by family. And, I added chocolate. :)


  17. Countryside. Farm. Cool animals. No question!
    Love Honey Pie. :-)


  18. Honey pie sounds wonderful! Thanks for visiting and continuing support Frizztext! Quite an unique fenomenon this blogging thing, isn’t it?


  19. Stories of Hong Kong never cease to weave a spell over me for a time.


  20. I ve always lived in the city and dreamt of living in the countryside, though I’m not sure if I’ll last long!
    I posted this for the writing challenge, but it may also work as ‘H for hospitalisation’.


  21. I like the visuals, splendid photos yes, but the idea of living in that hive scares me. Behind each image there is at times another reality.


  22. I wouldn’t mind one night way up high in that skyscraper, but I’m happy right here in the countryside where yesterday 6 elk with young ones bounded across the road in front of the car!

    I have an H-file for you: harebells, health and happiness

    I love your whinnying vocalist!


  23. Typically me I was fool around with the letters a couple of weeks ago – the letter ‘e’ and ‘h’ – here is my ‘h’ letter story challenge – the “e” story it’s coming snoon… ;-)


  24. Like this post about “H” – the HongKong ask, I will say both, love both countryside and the big city and use nearly half and half time… ‘smile’


  25. …countryside, surrounded by animals!
    That’ll do!


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  27. Head tatto

    Seen on a tattoo festival


  28. My entry for H. I live where we call 2 people on the beach – a CROWD. I like to look at the city from time to time but I call this HOME.


  29. Here is my entry: Heinz Field



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  32. Hi Frizz, I visited Hong Kong twice and the city is indeed bustling and busy busy busy. Here is my H contribution this week: Heart. :)


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  34. I like to have the back and forth experience of both. If I stay too long in a city, I long for the country and vice versa!!


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  36. I live in a big city (always running because of the big distances and traffic) but sometimes I think it would be great to live in the countryside to grow my vegetables, cultivate flowers and walk freely in nature… maybe in the future.


  37. No thank you, country side for me thanks!


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