Som Sabadell flashmob

Som Sabadell flashmob.

thanks to George at
for featuring this heart touching performance …

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10 responses to “Som Sabadell flashmob

  1. Wow that blew me away, I went all goose bumps, and have shared it also. makes life worth while…:)


  2. What a wonderful way to start my Monday morning. Thank you for sharing.



  3. Nice flashmob. They’re welcome to my office any time!


  4. This floored me! I LOVE IT! The Musicians are amazing and all the kids ROCK! I reblogged in hopes of sharing the fun. Thank you, FrizzText!


  5. This is such a beautiful gift. These musicians gave everyone a wonderfully magical moment. They used their talents to bring joy to people in just 5 short minutes. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful iworld if we could make someone smile for just 5 mminutes everyday??? The little girls conducting and smiling says it all. This was healing music. Very nice post, frizz. Extremely inspiring …


  6. Thanks so much Frizztext this is the best one I’ve ever seen, i’d so love to see one for real!


  7. Touching indeed are these kids! Thanks so much for sharing!


  8. Simply beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


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