Transporting music to the next generation

We tried to transport the surprising phenomen of loving music to our daughters and grandchildren. We started with old German folksongs, illustrated by the cartoonist Tomi Ungerer. Recently one of my daughters opened a youtube channel (like her father some years before)…

below: my daughter on stage with BankRock
a 13 uploads content:
(Below: Cover of “Knocking On Heaven’s Door”):

below: me (swing rhythm guitar) and the most talented musician of my friends (all the other instruments):

smaller issue of the Tomi Ungerer song-book:

link to a nice jukebox – you can click there on my teenage heroes:

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21 responses to “Transporting music to the next generation

  1. Just the other day I friend and I were having this discussion about musical tastes being handed down the generation! Loved the photo!cheers!


  2. It’s good to teach music in early days.


  3. Seems like you have succeeded very well Frizz 🙂 Your daughter is very talented!


  4. Sounds like you have done a great job…
    Love the Berlin street photo…


  5. Zehr Söhne Photo !!
    [frizz: =”sehr schönes Foto”, merci Catou for learning German!]
    I’ll buy the book to improve my german and next time we see each other we’ll sing some of them 🙂
    By the way I think there is a evening at Sint-Anthony in September !
    Are you in contact with them? I’ll ask Rob


  6. Love that shot at the to Frizz 🙂


  7. The picture with your grandson is beautiful.


  8. I love the Knocking on heavens door cover, what a talented woman! fantastic photography too Frizz, i love that tiled hallway and stairs 🙂


  9. Amy

    She is beautiful and has a great voice! Wonderful photo of your grandson!


  10. Good job well done by helping your daughter following in you musical footsteps. Beautiful photo of you and her? or grand daughter?


  11. I was blessed to have parents and grandparents that did this with me; and am fostering this with my own grandchildren, after doing so with my children! Such legacies are held between the notes, you know!


  12. What a wonderful blogg
    What a family my friend
    I bend my head and know i will never get this level of playing guitar and such a daughter in this life more
    But i have the pleasure to watch this wonderful sounds and pictures
    Greetings from my heart
    :-)) wolfgang


  13. That is so awesome! Teach them young, it’s a wonderful gift. 🙂


  14. It’s important to pass on the appreciation for music!


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