River Stories

Some years we lived in a house down by the riverside. Every evening I made a little trip with my canoe. Once I noticed two ears looking out of the water. It was a just born calf fighting to survive. I stopped my journey and climbed (the calf on my back) up to the dry land. Mother cow stood there completely confused …
Georgetown, ME
Georgetown, Maine (an island community located in midcoast Maine near Bath): I do not have a photo of my life rescue action in the Ruhr river, Germany, but Barry Lubman kindly gave the permission to me, to feature his photo from a yellow house at the Kennebec River, near Bath (and the 5 islands restaurant) – click on the picture, to enter Barry Lubman’s flickr gallery.
We liked to live close to a river for many years in the little town Arnsberg too. So, as a resumee of all those river years I tried to paint something as a symbol for this as my tribute to the naive painter Grandma Moses (and Barry Lubman kindly gave the permnission):
Kennebec River, Bath, Maine
painting by frizztext

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20 responses to “River Stories

  1. Beautiful artwork! Good thing you canoed by when you did or the poor calf may not have made it.


  2. This is a wonderful, colorful, storyful post! I love the photo, the artwork, the story about the calf.


  3. fantastic frizz, so rich and colourful, love your painting, and the photo :) how amazing to rescue a calf, a memory you will never forget!!!


  4. Love the story and the painting! Beautiful…not childish at all Frizz.


  5. A man of many talents :-)


  6. Oh it isn’t a childish painting Frizz its a very touching painting, so glad you shared it!


  7. MindMindful

    Love the painting! Certainly captures it all


  8. beautiful photos to go along with beautiful words. thank u for sharing with me


  9. Wonderful art work! I’m impressed.



  10. what a sweet story! the images compliment it as well! z


  11. Gorgeous painting Frizz! I think humans can’t say they lived, unless they took to the canvas and mixed clay with their hands. Naive, i would call your painting, never childish. It has beautiful color, and perspective, and I would shake that tree for apple or two, anytime! I got to get back to my miniature sculpture in calk sticks, and plaster of Paris, I enjoyed doing that so much in my youth (kept me out of trouble, and away from from making model racket (that actually flew up, sometimes, rather than straight at us, on lookers!


  12. The story is heartwarming. The photo is appropriate to complete it. Your painting is outstanding, Frizz. The vibrant colors create a happier feel than the original photo. I think you’ve done a fine painting. As a musical artist, it is no surprise that you have other creative talents.


  13. What a beautiful river and your paintings is awesome.


  14. i love that sweet yellow house. I spent some wonderful times on the coast of Maine (Ogonquit, York, York Harbor, Old Orchard Beach, and Portland). Your photo really took me back!


  15. Cher

    I am originally from Maine. I miss the Seasons, the beauty, and magic of Maine. Thanks for sharing and amazing painting!


  16. I think this is a very neat painting. Well done!


  17. Ah, beautiful painting Frizz! I love the “peacock tree” addition!
    …not at all childish!


  18. the first paint looks like real


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