Squirrel Stories

I actually read in the blog of George / Euzicasa that his heart is beating for squirrels. So a fresh magazine news came in my mind: German SPIEGEL reported, a squirrel (named ERWIN) was rescued out of a little manhole cover in the middle of a street. I’ve heard, in Canada (and elsewhere?) they are running over the electric power lines beside the streets high up in the air? Our cat is always very confused if she watches those sporty squirrels! A species mixed out of flying birds and running mice. P.S.: I’ll never forget, how a gang of school kids killed a squirrel with hurray … – sometimes I hate children gangs and adore peaceful squirrels.
Cheshire Squirrel
title=”Cheshire Squirrel” by gcquinn, click on the picture to enter his flickr galleries

German standard manhole cover with infills of ...

German standard manhole cover with infills of concrete in Berlin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

photo of “ERWIN”:
(I’m amused: ERWIN was the name of my father too)
my twitter stream on August 7th:
They Named Him ‘Erwin’: #Squirrel Dies after Manhole Cover Rescue http://spon.de/adIUe via @SPIEGELONLINE
the tumblr – easy print – version:

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20 responses to “Squirrel Stories

  1. Poor animal
    We have some near the house and we accept their robbery of the nuts from ouer ground


  2. you’re so kind, Wolfgang! during Christmas time we had some mice in our house, stealing and rolling nuts through the rooms – the cat was only surprised but did not stop the robbery!


  3. Nice article, Frizztext: Super. I like your squirrel, it got to be a lot of fun. If you want to win its heart, feed it peanuts, or almonds, or Cerrios (but that’s a poorer choice). Choosy squirrel lovers opted for ALMONDS! 🙂


  4. The manhole is as ornate as the squirrel is cute.:-)


  5. My heart beats for squirrels too. Thanks for the upbeat story.


  6. Lovely squirrel story. They are so cute


  7. that squirrel is so so cute.


  8. Good squirrel story -they look so cute, shame we don’t have them in Australia.


  9. We once had a Chihuahua who played with squirrels in our back yard. I think the Chihuahua thought he was a squirrel.


  10. I have to go right out and tell my squirrel that he made it to “Squirrel Stories.” I’ll have to text him because he lives in a tree in West Los Angeles — a Doger’s fan — and I am in San Francisco.


  11. Great shot, but my heart stopped beating for them after one got trapped in my ceiling and died when we were away….Eew. Took some effort to rip open and redo the ceiling. They are cute from a distance 🙂


  12. Cute! They would taunt our dogs.


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