50 Miles Of Elbow Room


Once I heard “Fifty Miles Of Elbow Room…” – an old spiritual (1930) by Rev. F.W. McGee about our longing not to be crowded in high density cities – so I tried to play this on my acoustic guitar as a fingerstyle instrumental … I’m still considering: is it better to play guitar in a wooden house alone in the forest or on a little rock surrounded by water – or in the density of Hong Kong or Manhattan with a big but nervous audience? Doc Watson would know the answer …

Solitude is a typical topic of photography and art, psychology and philosophy. Maybe it is a part of wishful thinking in overcrowded cities? An attitude of nearly surrealism to criticize modern societies? But there will be no way back! Lost paradises…
Voices of Solitude
title=”Voices of Solitude”, composition via flickr.com by Ben Heine sent to my flickr group BLOG IT! – click on the picture to enter his collection…
compare four other photos
click on the pictures to enter the photographers’ photo-streams on flickr.com:
1House on the Drina River / Kućica na steni2Hong Kong
3Wheat Field with Crows 20084happy METROPOLIS
1 – “House on the Drina River” by Irene Becker
2 – “Hong Kong” by Manuel Romaris
3 – “Wheat Field with Crows” by Ben Visbeek
4 – “Happy METROPOLIS” by myself / Frizztext

title=”Norway” by Manuel ROMARÍS, click on the photo to enter his flickr galleries …

(with a link to the youtube original: “Fifty Miles Of Elbow Room…” – old spiritual (1930) by Rev. F.W. McGee)


17 responses to “50 Miles Of Elbow Room


        Twelve hundred miles its length and breadth
        The four-square city stands
        Its gem-set walls of jasper shine
        Not made with human hands
        One hundred miles its gates are wide
        Abundant entrance there
        With fifty miles of elbow room
        On either side to spare

        When the gates swing wide on the other side
        Just beyond the sunset sea
        There’ll be room to spare as we enter there
        Room for you and room for me
        For the gates are wide on the other side
        Where the flowers ever bloom
        On the right hand on the left hand
        Fifty miles of elbow room

        Sometimes I’m cramped and crowded here
        And long for elbow room
        I want to reach for altitude
        Where fairer flowers bloom
        It won’t be long til I shall pass
        Into that city fair
        With fifty miles of elbow room
        On either side to spare


  1. Alexandra Román



  2. Beautifully done Frizz! …for the sound: in a wooden house in the forest, for me on a rock surounded by water!


  3. What a great combination between sky and the house. :)


  4. Love this old song
    Fine played


  5. Gemma

    I wonder what Rev. McGee would say today.
    I so enjoyed both versions, but, in yours I can see you in a wooden house all alone in a forest.


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  7. Silence absolutely! So beautifully played!


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