Jonah In The Whale

The financial crisis in Europe produced some riots in Athens or Madrid. In those times I like to sing some old gospels like “Didn’t my Lord deliver Daniel” or “Jonah In The Belly Of The Whale”. Though never a human being was found in a whale’s stomach! They prefer plankton. On the other hand the bankers really seem to eat some humans. The poorest first. The rich sail away, money in their suitcases. The biggest harbor seems to be in Switzerland.
The fluke of a whale as it dives
photo via by Ben Visbeek, Amsterdam sent to my flickr group BLOG IT! – click on the photo to enter his collection…

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13 responses to “Jonah In The Whale

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  2. Wonderful soundtrack for a stunning image! thanks Frizz :-)


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  4. Love these, Frizz. you always have interesting music posted.
    Thanks ….


  5. Interesting stream
    Love this songs without s commercial background


  6. Beautiful anthem, beautifully played!


  7. above I’m playing
    as a fingerpicking guitar instrumental
    below a choir:


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