Go Down Moses

me, trying to play that old gospel on my acoustic guitar, a simple fingerstyle instrumental

My first song on my guitar! But now, 50 years later, I understand,
that I wanted to leave the place where I was fenced in:
GO DOWN FRIZZY – yes, I did, and now, 50 years later at least
I’ve build my own world, 100 km away …
Did you leave the town where you went to school –
or are you still there?
self portrait by stumbleon / Fred Roessler,
click on the picture to enter his flickr galleries


13 responses to “Go Down Moses

  1. So when will you have the track of the song here for us to hear it :)


  2. I leaved the house of my parents to study medicine and now it is the third place were i have my home and the second wife. My life before now is for me like the story of a stranger. I think in can live on each place ift there is nice people around of me. I am not moses because nobody followed me.


  3. …same town! Love your playing, Frizz!


  4. Elsewhere Fizz, far from home :-)


  5. The promised land Frizzguitar… Great interpretation! May be the promised land is only in out hearts and we have in us where ever we roam the Earth…May be it isn’t of this Earth all together. One thing is for sure: If there is any place where we feel better than any other place, then that’s I thing, the place we belong to, that’s where we should be!


  6. Thanks for the reblog!


  7. Left my hometown after school, and my parents also moved, so I never got to live there again. I’ve visited twice, but it doesn’t look the same any more.


  8. Yay….you go Frizzy. Love this jazzy rendition. I also love your friend with the rug on his head :)

    Nope, I left my hometown where I went to school from kinder through college in San Antonio, Texas and eventually ended up in California. No looking back.


  9. I left the place where I grew up. I was raised on a farm, so my child-self is a farmgirl, but not my adult-self. However, I’m not a big city girl either. I’ve lived in both the western and eastern USA. I’ve traveled to many countries. Right now, I live just into the mountains, not crowded, about 1 hour drive from where I grew up. I love nature and the mountains is a nice place to experience that.


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