The Sensational Nightingales

“God’s Word Will Never Pass Away” – featuring Julius Cheeks – Sensational Nightingales (Peacock 1721) P 1953 (Julius Cheeks-Don Robey) Chappell-Morris Ltd/Universal/MCA Music Ltd

1953, I was aged 8 then, my interest for music began one night, when I heard on a Dutch radio channel (Hilversum) “The Sensational Nightingales” with “Never Pass Away”: I was electrified by the lead singer – and the choir always repeating NEVER PASS AWAY. This kind of music has never passed away in my life. I learned to play guitar, was a lead singer of a gospel choir in my youth (1963) – and never stopped to play guitar. I tried to perform one of their songs (BOW DOWN BEFORE GOD) for my soundcloud in my fingerstyle guitar Mississippi Delta picking style …

Mississippi Delta Frizz (Selfportrait)

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15 responses to “The Sensational Nightingales

  1. Terrific blast from the past – not my past I’m too young!


  2. Lovely! Wasn’t even born then 🙂
    Your self portrait is stunning!


  3. Love you post. Love the music.



  4. I loved this!
    I first began playing guitar at a college Bible study. All I knew was G, C, D. I managed somehow and went on to singing in a band at church for several years. Eventually had to drop the guitar due to a chronic intermittent numbness in my fingers that developed—not carpal tunnel. The great news though is that I continued to develop my voice and now sing first soprano in a choir of 120 members.
    When God closes one window he opens another.
    Thank you so much for sharing your gift of music.


    • hello Alexandria,
      thanks for your elaborated comment!
      for the song I played today
      you need exactly G! (and a little C and D)
      [for insiders: I tuned my guitar down to D-G-C-f-a-d
      so I could play A! (and a little D and E)]


      • That’s great! It’s incredible the endless combinations of melodies those three little chords make. My other favorite combination is Em, Am, C, with a touch of D and G. Later I learned all the 2 chords–G2, C2, D2, etc. Such richness!
        If my voice hadn’t developed, stretching to the high soprano (a wonderful surprise) I would be sad indeed. But I will sing til I have no voice!


        • congrats to the high soprano!
          searching via google for the sensational nightingales, dixie hummingbirds,
          golden gate quartet etc. I also found Whitney Houston (R.I.P.) with a gospel performance:


  5. Love the blues… 🙂


  6. Great post, well told!


  7. That’s a stunning B&W self portrait! Thanks for sharing your talent with the guitar music.


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