Travel theme: Parks

I’ve enjoyed the parks in New York and London, Madrid and Munich, but all they are romantic and a little bit frozen by the blast of a certain bourgeois 1910 history. So I am always fascinated on the other hand by the energy and creativity of the low budget parks in Berlin, featuring nearly a kind of anarchism …
Monbijou Park, Berlin, Germany: Siesta side by side to the river Spree: “I’m going to lay down my burden, down by the riverside, down by the riverside…” – photo by frizztext, click on the picture to enter his flickr galleries…

below: me and my guitar in the Monbijou Park, meeting some Gypsy musicians – we both had in our repertoire: Bonnie & Clyde …
me in the Monbijou Park
below video clip, “DOWN BY THE RIVERSIDE”
played in Göhren on the island RUEGEN, Baltic Sea
(where my mother lived 40 years behind the iron curtain)

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20 responses to “Travel theme: Parks

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  2. Very nice shots! I like the first one the most! :)


  3. People have different ways of relaxing. The first photo contrasts two different ways. I like the examples you give!


  4. Love that music clip. When you’re a musician, you fit in anywhere. ;)


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  6. that first image speaks volumes…loved the music too


  7. lately, I have problems with opening video clips when I use Firefox. :-(


  8. “Down by the River” am Strand was so much fun and this clip was almost as good as being there! If you ever visit NYC again you might enjoy


  9. Fab music! I love the first one too :-)


  10. super music frizz, love to see you with the gypsies :)


    • hi there in Australia,
      of course it is a greater challenge to teach Yoga to kangaroos for example – but the Gypsies at least tried to optimize my rhythm guitar (sometimes I feel like a kangaroo on guitar – maybe I better shoiuld learn Yoga – forgetting all the hectic rhythm!)…


  11. I love the gritty urban feel of the top one, and the energy of you and the gypsy players is fantastic, But echoing firstandfabulous, oh that music, it was thrilling :)


  12. The parks are really fun places, I think. The first one sounds nice.


  13. Love the pix but the music – what fun!!


  14. Love the first one. Relaxing just where you are!


  15. A nice variety of moments in time!


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