Different centuries meeting

Sometimes it seems, that different centuries have a meeting. This Buffalo maybe has the same mind as 3,000 years before (though recently I heard a movie star answer to a similar reflection: “Cannot be, because the world only started exactly 2012 before!”). Nevertheless: I try to imagine, what the Buffalo is thinking about the colorful, noiseless balloons, coming nearer together with the wind. Maybe he would like to join the trip? Maybe he would like to shoot them down like a Buffalo Bill or the Native Americans killed his ancestors?
StandardBuffalo-don't get too close!
title=”Standard Buffalo – don’t get too close!” [The Standard Examiner Balloon Stampede at Antelope Island, USA] photo by Steven Ford / snowbasinbumps, click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr…
balloon gallery:

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14 responses to “Different centuries meeting

  1. nice juxtaposition, Frizz!





  3. Great photo. I think about those things too, when I see an eagle swoop down to claim roadkill flattened by a Mac truck or a cougar padding along a highway late at night. I think they just accept it as a part of their world–either as a convenience (fast food or the path of least resistance), or the way they might regard any other threat or curiosity that nature throws at them.


  4. The expression on his face is that of indifference. Now on the other hand, what are the people in the balloons thinking as they land. YIKES!


  5. Great photo and great perspective in your title. Antelope Island is very close to where I live – less than an hour to get there. I have been there before and I’m sure I will visit again.


  6. I’d love to know what he thinks of this :-)! Wonderful photo


  7. Gary Larson would put words into the thought balloon for this fabulous buffalo!


  8. HA! Certainly not a combination you see every day, is it?!


  9. Great shot… Maybe he wants a ride too. 😉


  10. Awesome…. one of the oddest/coolest pics I have seen on WP 🙂


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