If a single person feels oppression in his daily job, he maybe asks for help from a labor union, a law service, at last a health care system. Sometimes journalists or even politicians can help to fight versus oppression, distress, burn out. What are your thoughts related to the term “OPPRESSION”? Depression?
the following 4 pictures were sent to my group “BLOG IT!” by third party photographers, click on the images to enter their flickr galleries:

Cayuco con inmigrantes (Boat with subsaharian inmigrants). + Ceramic Worker
Gaddani Ship Breaking by Zahid Hussein + Greece Riots

1 - title="Cayuco con inmigrantes" (Boat with Subsaharian immigrants). by Miguelángel
2 - title="Ceramic Worker" by @sHik
3 - title="Gaddani Ship Breaking" by Zahid Hussein by zahidpix
4 - title="Greece Riots" by dimios_

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13 responses to “Oppression

  1. incaunipocrit

    Reblogged this on ATA MOTEK.


  2. incaunipocrit

    Not having a job is depression, societies are so impotent with people and can’t offer them jobs.
    I am a socialist oriented and think people deserve a decent life without depression from not having jobs.

    Opression=Prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or control….I was lucky and had no opression in my life, thanks God.


  3. The last photo, Greece Riots and man on fire is scary. It is a shame what the world is coming to.



  4. “Contempt is the weapon of the weak
    and a defense against one’s own
    despised and unwanted feelings.”

    Alice Miller, psychologist and author


  5. Very colorful stairs.


  6. Contempt is one step from dissent!


  7. Miguel Ángel Adam Muñoz

    From all these inhuman situations there is always someone getting benefit, quite often great benefits.
    Thank you very much for posting my photo.


  8. Bless you for this VERY much needed photographic display of just a few of the manifestations of oppression in this world today! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  9. Hello all, here’s my contribution to this week’s Photo Challenge. This might not be an exact interpretation, but I think it still works:



  10. Comes in all shapes and forms… 😦


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