OUTPUT Systems

Colts, cats, cows or even human beings are input-output systems. Journalism, politics,
law service, hospitals are complicated input-output systems as well. Simpler examples:
phones and radios, cameras and microphones, typewriters, guitars - and tea cups.

some input / output-systems, compare:
1evening glow ...2Things Home3erected speaker4AMUCK, Sigmund Freud & Samuel Colt
5hommage to Francois + Jean ROBERT6give me money7SKYPE victims8AGFA Clack 1953
9Old Radio10the AGFA face11Lute12camera-of-grandma
all photos by frizztext, click on the images to enter his flickr photo stream

12 responses to “OUTPUT Systems

  1. Great photo, Frizz! Love the color of the pool and the water rushing out…


  2. I love your pool image, especially the other way round as yesterday!


  3. TBM

    Love the bubbles in the water.


  4. The photo of the water in the pool is amazing. Makes me want a drink of cold water.



  5. Loved it! You are always surprising me with your choices for these, as I know that I sometimes do you as well!! blessings~ T


  6. Amazing. One of my favorites.


  7. Input-output systems – interesting way to look at humans, animals, etc. But definitely true and accurate!


      “… cybernetics began as an interdisciplinary study connecting the fields of control systems, electrical network theory, mechanical engineering, logic modeling, evolutionary biology, neuroscience, anthropology, and psychology in the 1940s, often attributed to the Macy Conferences. Other fields of study which have influenced or been influenced by cybernetics include game theory, system theory (a mathematical counterpart to cybernetics), perceptual control theory, sociology, psychology (especially neuropsychology, behavioral psychology, cognitive psychology), philosophy, and architecture and organizational theory …”


  8. Output systems–I will be chuckling about this one all night!


  9. Awesome shot!😀 Love it!


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