Water Cannons vs. Democracy

Untitled by Rubidiculous

Untitled, a photo by Rubidiculous on Flickr.

I hope democracy will overcome in Ankara and Istanbul! I hope, that the current street protests in Turkey cannot be ignored by Erdogan – and will change the society. Of course I wouldn’t run around in the streets in those times filled with tear gas and water cannons – but I would try to use the internet working for democracy. Most journalists in prison: in Turkey. A reason to fly via twitter or wordpress over the borders and walls. I hope modern technologies can help to make a society better.


Erdogan does not like twitter. So I sent this post to twitter:

I can not forget that an Islamic politician with a stick run towards me and wanted to beat me when I denounced at a panel discussion that human rights are not respected enough in Turkey and too many journalists are in prison. That was 30 years ago. It has not improved, got even worse!

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