Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

READY or not ready, that’s always the same question. The same boat waiting during winter and in the autumn. Do you know, why I prefer in the winter to stay at home? I’m ready again, when spring comes …
boat on ice+resting boat
photo for the “weekly photo challenge” community of dailypost / wordpress
picture shot at the Vischering Castle, Germany, by FrizzText, click on the images to enter his flickr photo collection…

feel free to add in the comments the link to your own interpretation of this week’s topic READY

?internal search=weekly+photo+challenge

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59 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

  1. a significant change of scene :-)
    I love them either

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  2. The trusty boat is always ready!

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  3. brill photo’s and comparison…;)

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  4. TBM

    I wish you an early spring!

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  5. :-) Waves … I know … my pictures.
    the sea of ​​Sardinia.

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  7. These are very nice photos. Thanks for sharing!


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  8. It’s always good to be ready… ;-)

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  9. Taochild

    I was tempted to go with two photos myself. I like your interpretation. Thanks for stopping by

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  11. I’m ready for spring, too
    (unless it’s in a photograph… because, for me, any weather is welcome there…)

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  12. Cassie's world

    Amazing how the same scenery can come alive suddenly when its not winter anymore..

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  13. E.C.

    Great captures of the two seasons. Perfect for the photo challenge of ‘Ready’ :)

    Here’s my photochallenge post for Ready:

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  14. Love the way the boat seems to be parked on the ice!

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  16. Morning, Frizztext. Hope all is well in Germany. I was up early this morning on a beautiful day and took this shot of me waiting for WordPress to post a topic. READY is what i was. I like your READY OR NOT comment because that is the name of the book of my mother’s family history as Australian Convicts.
    Best wishes to you and yours.

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  17. Lovely scenes, autumn wins for me. I prefer to stay at home in winter -unless I can go to somewhere tropical of course!

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  18. I’m speechless. the photographs are extraordinary. I love it when something so beautiful makes me cry.

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  19. Emmons Beasley

    I love the serenity of these photos. Ready, but still and quiet.

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  20. Great interpretation as always! Sorry I made you hungry haha!

    Anyone else want to see my entry of colorfully frosted sugar cookies? :D


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  21. Amar Naik

    nice one

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  22. How original to focus on waiting boats, tied up in two very difference environments, waiting in hope.

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  23. Love that you captured the scene in two seasons. Now just two seasons more to complete the series. : -)

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  24. Both quite wonderful, Frizz! ;)

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  25. Nice contrast in seasons.

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  26. Really thoughtful interpretation of this week’s challenge. Great post, with awesome pictures. Like it a lot.

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  28. very thoughtful interpretation

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  29. I would prefer the one for Spring, too, Frizz.
    But the winter one look like it would be fun becuase you could ice skate.
    I used to love to do that before moving to year round warm weather.
    Very nice choice for the challenge “Ready”.


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  30. thirdhandart

    Beautiful photos FrizzText! I’ll bet the little boat is ready for spring too. Great entry!

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  32. pretty amazing photos you have there!!! wonderful representation for “ready”!!

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  33. Wow love this interpretation :) Thanks for visiting mine!

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  34. Nice pics! Cool entry for the theme :)

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  35. I’m exactly the same way. I like to stay home during the winter, inside where its nice and warm :-)

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  36. Hi Frizz…..good photos! Thanks for the ping. I’m late because I was looking through spam and found several of your comments in there. I’m so sorry. ;( I brought them to the regular comments, so hopefully this won’t happen again.

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  40. glad to be one of many visitors on this awful internet site : D.

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  46. Just gorgeous, Frizztext. Can you add a link to the challenge page into your post so I can publish a pingback for people skimming through the comments for entries? Thanks for joining in the fun! xoxo

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  47. loved the comparison shots, great color

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