Spanish Revolution in Barcelona?

Has the Arab Youth Revolution spread to Spain? Did the “Age of Enlightenment” arrive now at last in Mediterranean nations too? Took some time, but an important step! Congratulations! I’ve heard, that 50% of the youth do not have a job in Spain. Like in many Arabian countries. Time to act for the youth indeed. The German philosopher Immanuel Kant (1742-1804) said: “If a man makes himself a worm, he must not complain when he is trodden on.” So say what you want, demonstrate, if the establishment likes the attitude of ignorance more than to listen to the people. Shame to the administration of Barcelona! The policemen there act worse than some months ago in Egypt, Cairo, on famous Tahrir place…


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4 responses to “Spanish Revolution in Barcelona?

  1. unfinishedscript

    great blog concept! lotsa style 🙂


  2. Wolfgang Hermann

    hi frizz
    ein interessanter aspekt
    unter dem eine weltweite revolution möglich wird
    jugendarbeitslosigkeit, facebook und abgehobenen politiker gibt es überall


    • hallo Wolfgang,
      mit der sich ausweitenden Nutzung von wordpress, flickr, youtube, twitter ist vielleicht doch ein Gescheit-Werden der Informations-Gesellschaften zu erreichen – zuungunsten der bisherigen Cliquen-Wirtschaften hinter verborgenen Türen …


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