Places not streets

Crossing the place, a photo by Frizztext on Flickr.

Streets make us run and hustle and hurry to an endless nowhere. God thanks, that there are places to rest in many cities. We found some nice places in the Netherlands, – view the large picture with two bicycles crossing a place in Haarlem, NL, early on a rainy morning. Markets and CafĂ©s are on those places. Especially in Italy. A society, which likes to rest. Similar in Greece and Spain and Portugal. In New York City we loved the Washington Square with chess players, guitarists and break dancers. In Egypt and other Arabian nations a youth revolt gathered on the main places of the capitals – and now in Madrid, Spain. Places are the modern stages of the developing democracies. Thanks God and the architects, that there are places! Thanks to the bold youth, using globally real places in the cities and as well as the virtual places, where they can meet: Twitter and Youtube, WordPress and Flickr …

enjoy the following places too
– all photos by myself / frizztext:
1 – Winter in my hometown
2 – Washington Square, Manhattan
3 – Gypsy Festival in Tilburg
4 – Berlin, Clash of civilizations
5 – Greece, Island Santorini, Oia
6 – Campo dei fiori, Rome, my favorite place

1winter2chess player3happy dancing crowd4Berlin Now53 dogs begging6Giordano Bruno

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9 responses to “Places not streets

  1. I like that… đŸ˜‰


  2. George

    I feel that way, as i like to take pictures of the landscapes I experience in my outdoor activities.


  3. Love the photos – and thanks for the comment about my MadnessMomandMe feature – you rock!


  4. Wolfgang Hermann

    der weg ist das ziel


  5. annamaria

    Thanks for this wonderful images Dietmar!


  6. Through our spirits we create places… of all kinds. In this fast-paced globalized world in which we now live, it is easy to forget the spirit that lives within each of us… With each refusal to stop and acknowledge each other, we deny ourselves further growth… and innovation.

    Thank you for sharing such wonderful and meaningful thoughts.




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