A New Newton

Helmut Newton is dead. But “Pinobarile” / Alberto, a Flickr photographer from Milano, Italy, – he is alive, he could become the new Newton… (Alberto made some series for Playboy Italian edition 2009, Helmut Newton 30 years before …) ! Once I wrote as a book review for amazon.com about Helmut Newton:
The Christianity and even more the Islam have abolished to idolize woman as a goddess. However this was the daily use in the Greek, Roman and Egyptian religion (sorry to remember, that the Aztecs tore the heart of young virgins out of the live body). Newton has reversed this development – he told us, to idolize women again. I visited the Helmut Newton exhibition A GUN FOR HIRE in the “Museum for Photography” in Berlin, near the Station ZOO, Jebens-Street 2. Sometimes I thought Newton is cynical, contemptuous against women, emphasizes the power struggle between the sexes too much. After the reading of his autobiography I thought: “What a humorous, witty person! ” After having the pleasure to watch the film of his wife on his work, I thought, oh God, I get dizzy by this hand-held shaking camera. After the reading of the museum catalog A GUN FOR HIRE I always get quiet again. Newton was skilful. He regarded himself as A GUN FOR HIRE self ironically, as an unfortunately killer for rent because of the kind money. But if he had carried out a banal “killer” order with the necessary simple, most childish aesthetics guidelines for any fashion magazine, showing the models in a predefined wardrobe sales beneficially – then he afterwards extended the dialog with a lady in most cases after completion of this obedient work for the capitalist system of the chewing fan heating – then he enlarged the dialog into the direction of more human, erotic, adult and no longer infantile situations, real and no more prudish, running free experimenting for new emotion and aura. The growing picture collection from the vermiform appendix after that official work

SELF    (tribute to HN)
photo “SELF” (tribute to HN)
also by pinobarile / Alberto
compare the original
version by Helmut Newton:
Newton via erotixx.files

peeled out that image, that unique art form, which everyone connects now with the name Helmut Newton – a milestone in the history of photography. Before the visit of the exhibition A GUN FOR HIRE (in the long night of the museums in Berlin, January 2006) I went astray in that nightmare of holocaust sculpture field in Berlin. Newton had managed to escape from the insanity of the Third Reich. Newton’s work could have never resulted under the thumb of any ideology. At first in the private, thereupon in a society, where is the liberty to make something new, it was possible for him, to make what could correctly be described as “making a woman to an idolized goddess” again. A GUN FOR HIRE is the reminding bequest which, shortly before his death, he bequeathed to that town which had dropped him 1938. I hope, that Berlin people (and many more) will awake and learn, what he wanted to show…
link: Gun for Hire, a FrizzText Photo-Book review

Sie Kommen - HN reverse engineering
photo above “Sie Kommen –
HN reverse engineering”
also by pinobarile / Alberto
Milano, Italy
compare the original
composition, created by Helmut Newton
via Sie kommen!

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4 responses to “A New Newton

  1. love Newton and the exhibition in Berlin was extraordinarie, loved it to bits…


  2. Helmut Newton shot pictorials for Playboy for almost 30 years… Pinobarile / Alberto had a couple of publications on Playboy too! (Italian edition May and June 2009)…


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