Cats & Dogs

You only can enjoy your life, if you are able to ignore unpleasant persons. So this dog ignores the cats behind him. I try to learn from him as my guru …

Yesterday we had some trouble. The Greek dog Emily visited us again (together with his human food supplier) – and because our Italian cat also is named Emily (Dickinson) both animals were confused by the different owners shouting: “EMILY!!!” – nevertheless there was a big run and hunting and screaming through our home. The end: our Italian cat Emily high above in the book shelf between the books of Konrad Lorenz, and the Greek dog Emily down on the floor, not able to follow. Result: The dog is able to ignore painted cats, but not yet real cats …



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11 responses to “Cats & Dogs

  1. Dixie the Poodle

    It’s orlways good to ignaw kats becorz thay ar eevool kreechas.
    I like the ideer of the doggy hooz abowt to byt the kats hed off, wot good finking… The Bool Terryer is funny wen he spins arownd & gets dizzy. I get lyk that wen I play wiv my teddy & spin rownd & rownd & rownd & rownd & rownd.


  2. here is a dog waiting on his cat

    Wolfgang’s dog

    his masters voice


  3. … 🙂 The dog is able to ignore painted cats, but not yet real cats – probably because of the smell; the cozy pillow smells different than an actual cat.


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