History Lesson

I’m happy, that David Haggard introduced the photographer Charles Gorry (1946, Tokyo, Japan) on his flickr photostream, so I had a better chance to analyse my own life (1946, Wuppertal, Germany).
Both idiotic nations lost the war, they had begun. However, the pathological settings (that had led to the war) did not disappear from the brains exactly on the date of the peace treaty. Japan still stands out because of a frightening over-fitting and unquestioning obedience. In Germany itself fascist thinking has kept in sections of the judiciary, politics – and raising children. Xenophobia or permanent joy of producing military equipment have remained unchanged.
charles gorry
David Haggard comments: “Disabled buses that have littered the streets of Tokyo are used to help relieve the acute housing shortage in the Japanese capital on October 2, 1946. Homeless Japanese who hauled the buses into a vacant lot are converting them into homes for their families. (AP Photo/Charles Gorry)”
P.S.: WUPPERTAL: “Disabled buses” were a home 1946 in my German hometown too: and what I’ll never forget: the only woman who fought vs. my adoptive parents (who misused me daily) lived in such a bus. My adoptive father had brought me from an orphanage with the triumphant conviction that I was “unworthy” of life and he could do with me what he wanted. He repeated to me 10 years the ritual corporal punishment, which he had previously experienced in the concentration camps, he was allowed to build as untalented engineer.

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