Record Tools

Help me to remember those decades we spent with different audio record machines; from LP to CD from cassette to mp3 player: What could be the result of those decades? More capability to express emotions, to feel emotions, to focus on emotions?

I started in the late fifties with country music, rock and roll and rockabilly, with spirituals and blues. Soon the BEATLES appeared and the Rolling Stones. Then soul, rhythm ‘n blues, gypsy jazz came in my mind. It seems to be a never ending story of influence, of listening and covering the top ten with my own guitar. But I think, at least, coming to the end of the line, we should make a final statement about the results of those many hours spent in everyone’s lifetime dedicated to music …

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5 responses to “Record Tools

  1. I’ve gone backwards in time in my music listening. I loved and still like very heavy rock music at times, but now I really enjoy plain and simple standards from the Big Band period before the 1945. I like listening to the different renditions by different composers and singers. I also like super modern ambient music. I like the Stones and Beatles but I’m so over them!


  2. interesting:
    the first web-server!
    we even have solar energy in our garden


  3. Wolfgang Hermann

    i started with dixie

    now i am on the cool side with miles davis


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