Design as a religion

Design is the new religion, I think. The museums are the new cathedrals. The fashion shops nowadays are the locations for modern worships …


bulb 'n egg
title=”bulb ‘n egg” by Frizztext

Graffink logo idea
Graffink logo idea – originally uploaded by Graffink and sent to my group Blog IT!

Naomi Campbell, featuring her home interior on Jamaica:

Naomi Campbell, catwalk impressions, as featured on youtube:


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5 responses to “Design as a religion

  1. I love trees, very cute on how Naomi plants too 🙂


  2. Everyday objects have become recognized as pieces of art…More and more the concentration is on the design and look of an object, all the way down to the an object like a spoon. I’m glad I could be an inspiration for your post! That makes me one happy bunny because I love design and art.
    Can you tell me how you had trouble navigating my blog so I can fix the problem?


    • hi baxter,
      trying to write a comment immediately it was not possible to do so, because there was no comment box visible. that’s unusual. after days I found out, that I must go to the right side and click on “THE BAXTER BLOG” to navigate to find a comment box at the very end of a long and winding path 🙂


  3. I love the chair you are sitting in… very stylish and mod 🙂


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