Equal Pay Day

Don’t you see? Women at work are still paid less than men!
woman's day
title=”woman’s day” by chertichego = Nastia in Russia

In Germany we use the phrase “tomatoes on the eyes” to indicate that someone closes his eyes to important insights. That he does not want to admit something that is quite obvious – for others. You have to have two tomatoes fixed on your eyes, not to see, that in most countries of the world the work of women is paid worse than men’s work. Feminists have pointed out that time and again. Comparing the European countries with Germany the equality of women is not very good in my country. Women at work are still paid less than men. Few women in leadership positions can be found. Traditional patriarchal society? No chances to change? As a father of working daughters (architect, banker) I follow with interest the debate about the right to equal pay in the workplace. “Chertichego” set online the tomato-portrait on the International World Women’s Day. Since then, I remember (when I see a tomato) the unequal pay for women – and the lack of women in leader positions.

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5 responses to “Equal Pay Day

  1. I like what you did with this post: Nothing good happens by accident and it takes a lot of energy to be present, more than a sideline spectator to effect any worthwhile bit of change. Also : beyond energy, it takes Courage. Thank you, George.


  2. wolfgang

    lovely shot
    interesting words
    have a fine day
    greetings from thessaloniki
    :-)) wolfgang


  3. Then there is the difference between appearances and reality: Not everything is what it appears on a casual glance (tomatoes or not). The sun appears to circle around the earth, but it is the other way around. The earth appears flat, but it is not. An apples-to-oranges comparison of income creates the impression that women earn less; an apples-to-apples comparishon shows this to be false. (Cf. http://michaeleriksson.wordpress.com/2010/09/24/the-%e2%80%9c77-cents-on-the-dollar%e2%80%9d-fraud/ )


  4. Love the explanation and the photo Frizztext. Plus, congratulations on your new theme. I don’t have tomatoes on my eyes for this one. LOL! I actually like this new one a lot. Good for you! 🙂


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