If women are allowed by their husbands to leave their home for work: that’s not emancipation! Mostly it’s only supervised work under bad conditions: In Bangladesh for example, where recently 100 female workers lost their life by a fire in a clothing factory. In India still “dowry death” is a problem, the killing of little girls, not a genocide but at least a “femicide” as activist Rita Banerji from Calcutta writes. China managed to bring extremely down the female birth level: with absurd results. My daughters (an architect and a banker) – can they be glad, that they were born in Europe and not in Arabia, India, China? But equal human rights: that had been a global promise or not?
Beating the pavement heat
photo by Rita Banerji, Calcutta, click on the picture to enter her galleries on flickr. She comments: THE “50 MILLION MISSING” IS A CAMPAIGN AGAINST FEMALE GENOCIDE IN INDIA. MORE THAN 50 MILLION WOMEN HAVE BEEN KILLED IN INDIA IN LESS THAN A CENTURY.
“One Woman” Song launched on International Women’s Day 2013!

my favorite song related to “Women’s Day”:

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