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Movie director Wim Wenders made a new film in 3D about Pina Bausch and her ballet company, that worked in Wuppertal (my hometown), Germany. Pina Bausch died 2009. So this movie became a tribute to her life-long engagement.

I like the ballet photo
of the Dutch photographer
Peter Voerman / “Oude School”
title: Ballet class 8

Originally uploaded by
Oude School / Peter Voerman

The work of Pina Bausch tried to create a new language, a body or dance-language with topics, we maybe cannot yet find in verbal systems. Maybe in music systems. So Pina Bausch tried to express with her creative choreographies, what music tries to express: pain and joy, fear or rage etc. Also existence philosophy has similar topics, as well as the fine art of expressionism, pop music, classical music, folk music of different continents and so on. Pina Bausch tries to mention all those feelings, which a human being has during a life-time. For example early dance school memories, feelings of being in a crowd or alone, running, creeping, sleeping. Holding, loosing, weeping, laughing. This movie touched my heart, though there was not any story who could combine all those fragments. This film is nearly an abstract document of human feelings. There are wonderful music interpretations. Character interpretations. Pina Bausch succeeded in digging out the inner point of all her dancers in the company. The different nations, working together as a team for many years, European (from Russia to Spain), Asian, African dancers etc. – they all had a chance to express themselves. Not a book, not a sculpture of stone, only a movie could try to make a document of Pina Bausch’s art. I think Wim Wenders managed that problem very well with his idea of a 3D-movie. Yes we sat there in the chairs with those silly 3d-glasses on our noses. Maybe this movie is a first step to set new goals in dance choreographies worldwide. Like the paintings of a Picasso once have been a first step, or the music of New Orleans always will be a basic statement, if there was a disaster flood or not. In the beginning, in the middle, at the very end of that movie a rite was repeated: following the rhythm and sound of an early New Orleans Dixie Music, Kid Ory style, pathetically marched the line of the companies dancers: proud, happy but sincerely nevertheless. It seemed to be a funeral march as a tribute to Pina Bausch. That she died 2009 was a big handicap for Wim Wenders, who wanted to produce that film together with Pina Bausch. But maybe now he was inspired much stronger, to do his very best.

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The film used fragments of the following shows:

me, sitting in the Wuppertal Schwebebahn

Because the the ballet company of Pina Bausch worked in Wuppertal, Germany, my hometown, I am very heart-touched, because I see all the typical locations of my hometown: the Schwebebahn (the mono-railway construction with wheels on the rooftop, following the line of the river Wupper, built 1901, still driving daily). Some architecture of that region North Rhine-Westphalia, well known for me of course. I hope, that this movie will be watched not only in Germany, but in other countries too: as an ambassador of the region where I was born – and surely will end…

Wuppertal poster by Frizztext, on Flickr
compare another ballet movie: BLACK SWAN

Kid Ory, Jet Black Blues, youtube (in the movie Pina Bausch featured a funeral song with her ballet company embedded a similar music like this):

Kid Ory – Jet Black Blues

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14 responses to “Pina Bausch – Wim Wenders

  1. When so much creativity and success comes from people in a particular area, many ask the question: How did this happen? It must be something in the water…
    What’s in the water Frizz? LOL! 🙂


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  5. Wonderful. I’m inspired to dance (for now, alone, where no one can see me!).


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