A hanging tram: Schwebebahn in Wuppertal

The hanging tram, the monorail, the suspension train in my hometown Wuppertal, Germany, is called SCHWEBEBAHN – built 1901, down on the street: a fleamarket – comment by Thiophene (Pennsylvania): “it seems like a long-lost scene from Metropolis (but in color)” +++ comment by tigric (London): “great way to escape the crowds! thanks for sharing, I haven’t seen this before!” +++ comment by B. Kleinhans (San Francisco): “like the happy teeth on the outside of the tram car” +++ comment by breeblebox, Netherlands: “I alway pass the Wuppertal exit on the highway at German Autobahn-speed, usually heading for Italy. But now I see this I think I need to take that Ausfahrt (=Exit) some day. Great place!”

photo by frizztext, more via Monorail in Wuppertal, Germany; my picture was also introduced in the book “La Ville Mobile” by Constance Rubini, Biennale Internationale Design 2010 Saint-Étienne, France
another photo, featuring the Schwebebahn:
Schwebebahn Wuppertal

no-colorsMetropolis Angst

in the days of my childhood there – 1950/7/21 – a little elephant, his name was Tuffi – fell out off the suspension railway and landed in the river Wupper below the hanging tram, luckily he wasn’t hurt!
[more: “Tuffi and the suspension railway” by Ernst-Andreas Ziegler, published 1970 by J.H. Born GmbH, Wuppertal, Germany]

PINA BAUSCH, the famous dance company choreographer, worked also in my hometown. She died 2011. Wim Wenders created a 3D-movie, title “PINA”;
was nominated for an Oscar …

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