Fascinated by movies

Federico Fellini, Stanley Kubrick, Ingmar Bergman, Scorsese, Wim Wenders, Roman Polanski – on the one hand we could lose ourselves now to an encyclopedic target: making a list of the most important movies or film-directors.

_ cinéma _ – originally uploaded by *Louise**

But on the other hand I try to get forward on a road, describing, WHY a movie is important for our identity, emotions, plans, inner discussions.

Bonnie & Clyde, because we are trying to understand LOVE? The isolation of a couple? Violence? Evil karma?

“Orfeo Negro”, because it represents the easy Brazilian lifestyle – in the contrary to the capitalism of USA and Europe? The sound of a single samba guitar (Luiz Bonfa) in the contrary to marching military brass?

following (next page): me on guitar, trying to grab with my thick fingers the main tune of the movie ORFEO NEGRO: “Manha de carnival” / “The morning of the carnival

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10 responses to “Fascinated by movies

  1. related:

    it’s wonderful – a tribute to the easy mood feelings …


  2. Movies help us forget… sometimes. Then there are those that haunt us forever. Did you see The Killing Fields?


  3. Great post!!!What do you think about these latest releases from German Autheurs in 3D. Did you see Pina? what about the one from Herzog in the french cave?


    • my wife and me, yes, we did see Pina Bausch, Wim Wenders, 3D
      1. 3D not necessary
      2. good body-languages, moods, emotions
      3. missing: a story, leading through the movie. a little brainless, without a good story-telling concept.


  4. Hi Eliz… Killing Fields is really amazing… I remember even the soundtrack from Mike Oldfield… Great film!!!


  5. Thanks for the mention and pingback!


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