on violence
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about the recent shooting in Tucson, Arizona of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords I read in the blog of “wondergoon” / The house of goonery:
What can I say about the recent shooting in Tucson, Arizona of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords that hasn’t already been said on the major news outlets and throughout the blogosphere?

I’m appalled, on a personal level, at the violence. I think any sane and reasonable person would be. Only a truly evil person would consider this a good thing and advocate for more violence.
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Reaction | The House of Goonery.


    frizztext (Germany) comments:

There are too many guns and rifles in the U.S.! That is not only unpleasant in cases such as John F. Kennedy or Martin Luther King . This is a daily common problem there. The threat of crime is rampant. School shootings reached worldwide fame (in Germany, unfortunately too). Perhaps this country should not glorify so much the use of weapons with those never-ending military operations (even Germany has lost nothing in Afghanistan). In Tucson, Arizona, in the politically motivated assassination of Gabrielle Giffords, is scrupulously clear, how the malicious Republican anger vs. the Democrats, vs. Barack Obama and his progressive ideas can turn quickly in the brains of idiots to murder lust. The United States is to be hoped that they learn to make their political battles gradually as a civilized nation, with language and not with weapons. This also applies to foreign policy.


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Es gibt zu viele Pistolen und Gewehre in den USA. Das fällt nicht nur unangenehm auf in Fällen wie John F. Kennedy oder Martin Luther King. Das ist alltägliches Problem. Die Bedrohung durch Kriminalität nimmt überhand. Schul-Amokläufe erreichen weltweite Berühmtheit (in Deutschland leider auch). Vielleicht sollte dieses Land den Waffen-Gebrauch nicht so sehr heroisieren durch die nie endenden Militär-Einsätze (auch Deutschland hat in Afghanistan rein gar nichts verloren – so sehr es auch der adelige Verteidigungsminister es zu genießen scheint). In Tucson, Arizona, im politisch motivierten tödlichen Anschlag auf Gabrielle Giffords, wird peinlichst deutlich, wie die hämische republikanische Wut auf den Demokraten Obama und seine fortschrittlichen Ideen im Hirn von Idioten schnell umschlagen kann zu Mordgelüsten. Den USA ist zu wünschen, dass sie ihre politischen Richtungskämpfe allmählich wie eine zivilisierte Nation durchzuführen lernt: mit Sprache und nicht mit Waffengebrauch. Das gilt auch für die Außenpolitik.

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35 responses to “Violence

  1. Annet

    as far as we, if we are interested, know, we know nothing. I did a short search and found a youtube-video, probably from the gunman.

    (as long as it is broadcasted.. If it goes too fast, you can use your mousepoint on the timelapse-button: just leftclick/hold and move it backwards or pause for a moment)

    ‘Sounds’ as a writing nutcase to me.
    Nutcases have their own logic, so maybe it’s logical. It is said that those ideas were born under the influence of someone called David Miller, who teaches ‘truth-grammar’. His idea is that if you only use the correct grammar and punctuation, you can throw off the shackles of the tyrannical government.
    Now what? Is ány government tyrannical? Or is it thís government? And how can that be, for a nation that claims to be democratic, in the good old sense of the word. But then, this Miller is on the far right of the spectrum. That’s were law, order and the right of the strongest reign, blessed by numerous gods. If you preach that style, you don’t want democracy chainsawing away the legs under your comfortable seat.

    Nutcases with weapons are tricky, all over the world. Nutcases with a weapon sometimes figure out who’s to blame for their personal nuttiness and sometimes hit. Or jab. Or blow. Or bomb. Or lét bomb. The targets won’t relieve him from his anger, but that is logical, too..


  2. I think of the right wing nuts — then I think of the people I know who would fit that description — kind and decent to me. And I know they think of those left wing bleeding heart limousine liberals, but they know me to be kind and attentive. How different these cartoon characters are when you actually know one. Isn’t there some way to respect each other, to understand that each of us has some truth to our argument? I had the chance to re-read William Shirer’s “Berlin Diary” recently, a time when terror and the big lie drowned out any thoughtful opposition — I think that may be our fate if we Americans fail to heed the lesson of Gabrielle Giffords.


  3. Melanie from flickr comments at
    Yes, this country can be wonderful, and it can be abominable, as can anywhere, these days. But you are so right. As long as people continue to distort our Second Amendment for their own purposes & we continue to be a war based economy, (whether we admit it or not), guns & weapons will continue to be a part of life in this country, unfortunately. I don’t like it, it is totally unnecessary but the likelihood this will change in my lifetime is very slim! Guns do not equate to freedom! Your image here is excellent & thank you for your caring words on this tragedy, Dietmar.


  4. kjatexas

    The attempt to blame Sarah Palin and the Republicans for the shooting in Tuscon is disgusting. The left will stop at nothing to try and discredit those of us who demand government return to the Constitution of the United States of America, and it’s guiding principals. The left resorts to smears, because their ideological agenda has been proven bankrupt, all they have left is smears, lies, and invective.
    The reality is that the violence is coming from the thugs on the political left, not the political right.
    Read ” The Progressive Climate of Hate, An Illustrated Primer 2000-2010″ at


    Michelle Malkin is a fucking idiot of the highest order… (comment at “hippiekiller”)


  6. wolfgang hermann

    weapons are dead things
    the persons behind are sick
    it is not the number of pistols
    if a sick brain want to get a pistol he will get one
    a small part of the American people are
    is used to solve a problem with violence
    as they could see for example in the TV
    to learn more about this problem
    have a look on the movie of Michel Moore Bowling_for_Columbine


    yes, Wolfgang, a good idea to add this link,
    I’ve added the English wikipedia version …
    the movie of Moore was more successful in Germany than in the United States
    – what does that mean?


    • kjatexas

      It means that Europe is not bright enough to see through Moore’s lies and propaganda.
      And, he’s laughing all the way to the bank.


  8. kjatexas

    It is easy enough for anyone to find comments by the left, that the left accuses the right of inciting violence with. Just a little effort will discover them.
    Bill Mahr excused a statement on the grounds of free speech, about the poster being sorry a bomb plot failed to kill VP Cheney while on a trip to Iraq.
    VP and Presidential candidate Al Gore, made a flippant remark about going to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to kill the bird there, meaning Bush. And on and on.
    All those statements by “Progressives” are excusable by the left but are “incitements to violence” if uttered by the right, a perfect example of hypocracy by the left.
    I don’t really expect anything I post here, to change the minds of dedicated leftists, you are so invested in your delusions, that you are beyond the reach of reason.
    As the majority of Americans have begun to realize, the Progessive agenda offers nothing but more government control over their lives, less freedom, and bankrupt financial policies. Onward to 2012 and voting Mr. Obama out of office, along with more of his Democrat cronies.
    Personally, I like divided government, as it prevents the political class from accomplishing much of anything, always a plus.


  9. Annet

    I’m from the Netherlands. In all live and online ‘debates’, allmost regardsless of the subject, there are these bashing ‘comments’ from people that mistrust allmost anything, except of couse their common mistrust (call it fear) for common sense; in our situation the acceptance of people with another ethnical background that we used to know. They are here to stay. A mistrust or fear for change not only leads to verbal violence; real clashes were there, including killings.
    I won’t go into details, but I suppose that if you hear ridiculous (non)arguments day in, day out, some people will be convinced they have to solve a problem. And sóme of those follow their own logic and take to violence.
    Maybe kjatexas has no clue as for what lives in Europe, but I have some clues about the US of A, simply because we can be broadly informed and can think about that. So please try that too, instead of just ranting. How in the world are we to meet each other somewhere in the middle if you keep one eye closed?.


    • kjatexas

      And are those who have killed scores of innocent Europeans, people who want to meet you in the middle? It’s not a question of fearing those that are different, its a question of being realistic as to who means you harm. By all means befriend those who really mean to be your friends, but beware of those who are potential enemies.
      I don’t care from what ethnic background a person comes from, your like or dislike for them comes from who that person is as an individual, not from their ethnicity. That doesn’t mean you should not beware of those who would harm you. That’s not coming from fear, that’s coming from prudence and wisdom, with eyes open.
      We are not Europe Annet, and we don’t want to be Europe. Our country was born from a different experience, and our views reflect that background. It’s a viewpoint that we are not going to change nor do we want too.
      Our freedom comes from that document called the US Constitution, and we do not look to the government to decide what rights we have. To do so, means that our rights will change as the government sees fit at any given moment. That leads to lack of freedom, and in many cases tyranny and dictatorship. The examples are there in Europes own history, you just need to heed them. I wish you well.


  10. Annet

    @ kjatexas in particular: keep in mind that your readers might come from different places around the world. Very specific ‘local’ persons or situations don’t mean that much as they mean to you. Keep it global..


  11. thanks for the dialogue,
    Annet in The Netherlands
    + Ken in Texas!

    for sure also related to our topic
    my post with the title GUNS:


  12. I think gun control is a huge problem in the U.S. When I first went there at 18, I remember I went to get a bottle of wine for a friend’s birthday, and was quite surprised when the shop keeper asked me for an I.D. Then I found out that you have to be 21 to buy alcohol. But as an American friend used to say, “It is easier to buy a gun over the counter then prescription medicine!”


    • Anonymous

      Absolutely untrue. To buy a gun in the US, you have to present a government issued ID. Then your information is called in the the FBI, and they run a computer background check on you. That check is supposed to be instant, but can legally take up to three days. On the basis of no information presenting that you cannot legally own a firearm, the gun dealer can then transfer that firearm to the buyer.


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    after 40 days:


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  18. postadaychallenge2011

    I loved to read all the comments on the “handguns.” I do agree that it can be the “people” behind the hand guns. I am a “security officier” so I deal with this isssue a lot. Thanks for opening up my eyes. Bless you.


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  26. hugs for sharing this… 🙂


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