River Of No Return

Robert Mitchum and his son, shooting down some bad gold diggers, gamblers and many evil Native Indians: this movie seems to be a basic manifest of the American opinion, that you need a gun in your hands to defend your little family: in every case, also if the wife is not Marilyn Monroe, aged 27.
on violence
down in the meadow:

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6 responses to “River Of No Return

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  2. The people is sick, not the gun
    They should discuss more about the problems and solve them with words
    On the other side the police needs time to come to a place if it is necessary
    Would you like to see your family killed by a psychopath helpless with empty hands?


  3. veraersilia

    How true Frizztext, how tragic. And how much Americans believe in “the right to bear arms” ! The American constitution was written by a group of white, wealthy land-owners, who were in open rebellion against a mighty empire. Things have changed since then.
    The old argument that if weapons were better controlled “only criminals will have them” does not hold water because there has not been a single criminal that went around randomly shooting children in schools, people at work, in churches, in the metro or blowing up buildings (Oklahoma…).


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