Weekly Photo Challenge: OBJECT

Cheri from “Daily Post” writes: “Our photographs tell stories, big and small. Some of our images are landscapes, offering wide and sweeping views of a scene; these pictures might tell the tales of an entire city, or a tapestry of stories of many people. Some photographs, like portraits, focus on individuals, while still-life moments capture the beauty (and often treasured stories) of belongings and found objects.”

Living In Our Bookshelves

Maybe we could write about the changing of the idols in different decades of our lifetime? Urania di Arrakis at Flickr.com asked: “ma quello in mezzo si mangia?” Google translates: “but what you eat in the middle?” My answer: #2 = in the middle: my father was a baker, so this gingerbread called “Stutenkerl” reminds me of him! / #3 = founder of Dubrovnik / #1 = I studied at first theology (then social sciences etc.)

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The changing of idols

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