Fallen – no funeral for Bin Laden

SOMETIMES…’thems…the breaks’
originally uploaded to flickr photo pool by
Never Was An Arrow II, Paul Cardin

After Bin Laden was killed by the “GERONIMO”-blitz joyful people were seen on the streets in New York and Washington – very similar to the joy after 9/11 on some streets in Arabia. At dailypost.wordpress.com they are discussing “what-will-change-after-Osama-is-gone”. But before that let’s stop a moment. Did you see the coffin gliding into the ocean from an US-warship? A funeral. No funeral for Hitler was needed. For Stalin or Lenin they made maybe too much efforts. Bin Laden was no Geronimo, no Che Guevara, really not. Nevertheless, in my mind appear always, if someone was killed, some melodies, something like New Orleans funeral hymns, St. James Infirmary for example. No, not for him. But Mahalia Jackson, she had earned a wonderful funeral march. Yes, she was not a stupid hater or continuous terrorist. No funeral march was organized for Osama bin Laden [place of birth Riyadh, Saudi Arabia // place of death Abbottabad, Pakistan 34.16928°N 73.24252°E]. But I use this metaphorical crashed airplane picture, 1944, uploaded by Paul Cardin, featuring a fallen nameless vehicle. This bird will never fly again. The four jets from 9/11 with all their passengers? They also can’t fly again.

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