Stoertebeker Beer

Stoertebecker Beer

Stoertebeker Beer photo by Frizztext The beer tastes well and helped me
to get bold and brave-hearted! Without this beer I am very shy…

I’ve been amused as I read the slogan of the bottle: “Das Bier der Gerechten” = translated: “The Beer Of The Righteous” – Stoertebecker / Störtebeker was a pirate similar Francis Drake or the British Robin Hood, Che Guevara or Garibaldi (or that native Indian “Geronimo” – and I do not add Osama Bin Laden) in history of Baltic Sea / Germany

more about STOERTEBECKER (1360 – 1401) at pirate Stoertebeker
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P.S.: this beer is made in the German town STRALSUND by Christoph Puttnies, Greifswalder Chaussee 84, 18439 Stralsund; a joke: Stoertebecker was killed 1401, the beer is named 1402 – like a legal follower of the pirate himself, born again … more at

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