Black Childhood

Not every childhood is filled with love and happiness. Sometimes it can be a nightmare. Abuse. Absurd corporal punishment rites. Because I had such a childhood I am interested, if artists create compositions, which can be bridges of understanding and empathy leading into such a dark world. Following three examples:
1 – Luigi Mirto: “Story of a tear”
Storia di una lacrima - Story of a tear
photo by Luigi Mirto, Italy; title: “Storia di una lacrima – Story of a tear”

2 – Joan Barrett: “A Look of Warning”
A Look of Warning
photo by just jb / Joan Barrett; title=”A Look of Warning”

3 – Michael Haneke: “The White Ribbon”
The author and film maker Michael Haneke created the movie “The white ribbon” (German: Das weiße Band), Golden Palm 2009 in Cannes; he analyzes the connection between rude education-principles of the East German high society in the year 1913 – short before Germany started two world wars. What are the reasons, that such a society agreed to follow their leaders in such inhuman years of bestiality? It started via the legal principles of education, therefore all became cruel, of course the children too …

corporal punishment, wikipedia article
view there the map about the legality of corporal punishment in Europe and the USA

(developed in the comments / dialogs):
born 1945 I was immediately given into an orphanage. adopted three years later I did not enter a paradise. my ex-Nazi father liked to repeat and practice physical punishment rites (every evening 7 p.m.) he had seen in the concentration camps of the world war II. also I usually in the night was locked in the basement where it was dark. similar locked doors metaphorically I had to discover getting overwhelmed by youth gangs, religious groups, inhuman military discipline etc. – it was a long way into liberty fixed in the post-war post-Nazi German society. I have to thank for support: my wife Barbara and friends. of course I tried not to hurt my own children in the same way. changed the principles of education radically…
I was surprised, looking at the wikipedia map, in how many countries it is still allowed to beat children. Germany and Spain after all those years of Fascism did learn. Scandinavia a paradise – but what is happening in many other countries?
1953 - storytelling

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” Søren Kierkegaard
me, adopted
me, adopted at least by two beasts …

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