Robin Williams – a chance for us to learn

Robin Williams (1951 – 2014): in a discussion of this tragic topic (depression, suicide, silence about the reasons and methods) I replied to an article of the blogger Isadora: you = “raised by a mother who had severe depression and was plagued with paranoid schizophrenia” and me (my mother made suicide too, so I understood, that depression is a severe danger) – we know what we are talking about. “F” for FINAL DAY should be more often a topic of writing. Many years I put my focus on suicide, trying to understand the structure of the process – and searching for techniques to change a depressive state of mind. At first I read with interest American psychiatrists’ books with focus on behaviorism. Much more efficient was, what I read in my psychoanalytic library: from Freud via Adler to Karen Horney or Otto F. Kernberg. I wrote many essays about famous people who made suicide. Nevertheless the public is shocked, if it happens again. No restriction on this topic, not any kind of censorship: we only have the chance to learn, if we are free to talk and write about things inside a mind! In Germany the people learned a lot, when the widow of a famous soccer star (who made suicide) went to many TV-talk-shows to break the silence! P.S.: the stats of my more than 2,000 wordpress posts daily present as my most read article the one about “suicide by charcoal grill” – I hope, the users of my site intern search machine find people to talk with, before they act in panic…

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