To have a family

To establish a family maybe is the most inspiring challenge a human being can put on the shoulders. In the meantime my two daughters gave us 4 grandchildren, one daughter is an architect, the other a banker – both families with very different life concepts again – the challenge goes from generation to generation: to create something completely new. I have to thank the photographer Angelo Rodriguez again for sending a family-icon to my group BLOG-IT! Click on the picture below to enter his galleries on flickr.
"Family Ride!"

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8 responses to “To have a family

  1. Lovely post, Frizz! I hope you see your daughters often enough. Our son is closer to us now (In Chicago), which makes all the difference. –Patti


  2. Wonderful post! Love the photo! Raising a happy family was the hardest most challenging most wonderful most worthwhile most important task/pleasure I have ever known. It is the gift that keeps on giving and where I find the most satisfaction and meaning in my life.


  3. 600 kms is too far, my daughter is 200 from me and it kills me! love the bathroom tune!


  4. Family close enough…Not as close as I would like though…
    The bathroom harmony was so nice…lovely voices…from what you say…two talented women!…Be proud!


  5. The best advice that my father-In Law ever gave me was ” When your look at your life as you get older the only thing that matters is family” As usual he was correct in his observation. Now if I could only get more that two grandson’s to play with.


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