How do you relax?

We all have habits & tricks how to relax. For example I like to read, to support my cat, listening to radio music – similar to this man, portrayed by Amanda Faye Cain. What are your habits finding a way to relax?
At Home 01
title=”At Home 01″ – portrait by Amanda Faye Cain, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter her galleries on
maybe I waste my time writing too often into my little paper-books:
table, cat & paper-notebooks in frizztext’s home …

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13 responses to “How do you relax?

  1. One of my favourite ways to relax is to curl up on the couch and immerse myself in a book.


  2. drawing, writing while listening to music with my cats….a good way to relax.
    Or sometimes just walking in the nature



    To REALLY relax I run on the treadmill until I think I’m gonna pass out. Yep : )


  4. I finally found yoga and it has done wonders. I don’t know how I would be getting through my dads cancer without it. I also play pianos and read and meditate.


  5. I like the way the CAT relaxes on the first pic!!!! 🙂 🙂


  6. A book, a magazine, a cup of tea or coffee and then on to my couch – best way to relax. Or an old Doris Day movie 😉


  7. I get on the subway and go down to Union Square!


  8. Walking. Taking in the surroundings and the people. Makes me feel more normal and not so anxious. And petting my dog. Makes me feel comfy, safe, relaxed.


  9. After a three-month absense, i was comforted by the sights and sounds of the river where i live.. gazing at those tranquil waters is a balm to the soul. i hope that everyone has a place that gives them total inner peace.. i find that almost always when i am immersed in nature, where there are few sounds (zero’s better) of modern man. ah, sweet tonic for the soul.
    i’m writing from a restaurant that overlooks a larger rio as i travel to the port city of manta, wherei hope to clear a few more hurdles for my visa to stay here/work here and not be restricted to how many days i’m here each year. when i clear that final hurdle, wow, i will rejoice in gazing out at that river and being grateful that i have a place of serenity!


  10. Playing on one of my selfmade guitars
    This makes me twice happy


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