Santa_Claus – Sinterklaas – Racism?

We can read at, that the Dutch version “Sinterklaas” is celebrated annually on Saint Nicholas’ eve (5 December) in the Netherlands. By his side: his supporter, who goes through the chimney bringing gifts to the children. He becomes dirty in the chimney so he is called “Zwarte Piet” (= black Pete): therefore not related to any racism, because the black Pete is not an African. So the UN-verdict recently is absurd. But on the other hand: He’s doing a slaves job – what do YOU think?
sinterklaas 2
title=”sinterklaas 2″ – old postcard, scanned and originally uploaded by “the ghost of me”, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on

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14 responses to “Santa_Claus – Sinterklaas – Racism?

  1. I think that some people must have far too little to do with their time! Surely there are more constructive things to spend time and money in this perfect world we live in?

    Did you enjoy your time in your little boating world, Frizz? Sorry, I haven’t had time to rejoin your challenge, but I’m mindful of it 🙂


  2. akbarsim

    If Zwarte Piet doing a slaves job, everybody is doing a slaves job…I think it’s an honour to be a member of the staff of Sinterklaas. 🙂


  3. Racism? I think not. Swartz Peit is, I believe, just a ref
    Edition of the society that created him. Just as the Golliwog was in Noddy books.


  4. I believe that Zwarte Piet being black because of the chimney is a fable. His appearance is an exact copy of the black slaves of centuries ago. At first I was a little scpetic about all the fuss, but after seeign a documentary and listening to what some dark-skinned Dutch people said about how it made them feel, I can understand how it makes one part of the population uncomfortable. And as it is supposed to be a celebration for all the people, I think it’s okay to update the current Zwarte Piet to a more modern version that doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings.


  5. That’s a tough one…I do tend to think people get too hung up on these things, but then, I am white.
    Perhaps there is a compromise…his image could be as a “white” elf with smudges of black on this clothes and face…but then I supposed the “little people” will get upset…
    I also think it is an honor to assist Santa with his wonderful job…


  6. I think there are more important things (and real things) to be worried about….


  7. Ah but we don’t know he was doing a slaves job do we? He may have been paid a big fat salary for working unsocial hours!


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  9. It seems someone will always find fault…a nature of people that needs to be worked on…



    Someone will always find the negative instead of the positive. It’s a lovely tradition and I like it.


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